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CH = Chameleon - The Best of Camel
TC = The Collection
ACC = A Compact Compilation
LA = Landscapes
ETR = Echoes: The Retrospective
ALR = A Live Record
COA = Coming of Age (Album)
GT = Greasy Truckers
NLG = Never Let Go
OR7 = On the Road 1972
OR81 = On the Road 1981
OR82 = On the Road 1982
PP = Pressure Points (Album)
COAV = Coming of Age (Video)
PPV = Pressure Points (Video)
TPV = Total Pressure (Video)
GOL = '73 - '75 Gods Of Light
TPC = The Paris Collection

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Tytuł Autor Album Kompilacje Live Czas
A Boy's Life Latimer/Hoover A Nod ... - - 7:22
After Words Scherpenzeel Stationary ...     1:58
Air Born Latimer, Bardens Moonmadness LA, ETR NLG 5:01
A Miller's Tale Latime/Hooverr A Nod ... - - 3:36
A Nod ... Latimer/Hoover/LeBlanc A Nod ... - - 11:18
Another Night Latimer, Bardens, Ward... Moonmadness     6:55
Aristillus Latimer Moonmadness TC   1:54
Arubaluba Bardens Camel   GOL 6:26
Beached Latimer Nude LA OR81, COA, COAV 3:32
Breathless Latimer, Bardens, Ward Breathless ETR   4:20
Broken Banks Latimer Dust and ...   NLG 0:34
Camelogue Latimer/Hoover The Single....     3:41
Captured Schelhaas, Latimer Nude   OR81, OR82, PP, TPV 3:13
Changing Places Latimer Nude   OR81 4:10
Chord Change Latimer, Bardens Moonmadness   TPC 6:43
City Life Latimer/Hoover Nude LA OR81, NLG 5:02
Cloak and Dagger Man Latimer/Hoover Stationary ... LA PPV, TPV 3:50
Cobh Latimer Harbour of...   COA, COAV 0:50
Coming of Age Latimer Harbour of...   COA, COAV 7:20
Cotton Camp Latimer Dust and ...   NLG 2:55
Curiosity Bardens Camel     5:52
Docks Watkins, Latimer Nude   OR81, COA, COAV 3:50
Down on the Farm Sinclair Breathless     4:25
Drafted Latimer/Hoover Nude CH, TC, ETR OR81, OR82, PP, NLG... 4:20
Dunkirk   The Snow.... ACC ALR, COA 5:19
Dust Bowl Latimer Dust and ...   NLG 1:54
Dusted Out Latimer Dust and ...   NLG 1:34
Earthrise Bardens, Latimer Mirage   NLG 6:42
Echoes Latimer, Bardens, Ward Breathless CH, LA, ETR NLG 7:20
Elke Latimer Rain Dances ETR   4:26
End of the Day Latime/Hoover Harbour of...   COA, COAV 2:28
End of the Line Latimer/Hoover Dust and ...   NLG 6:52
End Peace Latimer/Phillips The Single....   OR82 2:38
Epitaph Latimer The Snow....   ALR 2:07
Eye of the Storm Watkins I Can See ...     3:42
Eyes of Ireland Latimer/Hoover Harbour of...   COA, COAV 3:09
Fingertips Latimer/Hoover Stationary ...   PP, PPV, TPV, TPC 4:26
First Light Latimer, Bardens Rain Dances ACC, LA   5:01
Flight of The Snow....   The Snow.... ACC ALR 2:40
For Today Latimer/Hoover/LeBlanc A Nod ... - - 10:40
Fox Hill Latimer/Hoover A Nod ... - - 9:21
Freefall Bardens Mirage TC, ACC, LA...   5:47
Friendship Latimer The Snow....   ALR 1:44
Fritha   The Snow.... LA ALR 1:19
Fritha Alone   The Snow....   ALR 1:40
Generations Latimer Harbour of...   COA, COAV 1:01
Go West Latimer Dust and ...   NLG 3:42
Harbour of Tears Latimer, Hoover Harbour of...   COA, COAV 3:12
Hearts Desire Latimer/Hoover The Single....   OR82 4:00
Heroes Latimer/Hoover The Single....   OR82 4:47
Highways of the Sun Latimer, Bardens Rain Dances TC OR82 4:29
Hopeless Anger Latimer Dust and ...   NLG, TPC 4:56
Hymn to Her Latimer, Schelhaas I Can See ... ETR OR82, TPV, COA, COAV 5:23
Ice Latimer I Can See ... ETR NLG, COA, COAV, TPC 10:10
Irish Air John Morris (traditional) Harbour of...   COA 0:57
Irish Air (Instr. Reprise) Latimer Harbour of...   COA, COAV 1:57
Lady Fantasy Bardens, Latimer, Ward... Mirage ACC, ETR OR7, ALR, PPV, NLG... 12:46
Landscapes Latimer Nude LA OR81 2:36
La Princess Perdue   The Snow.... TC ALR, TPV 4:44
Lawrence Latimer Rajaz - - 10:42
Lies Latimer/Hoover Nude CH, ETR OR82, PP, TPV 4:57
Liggin at Louis' Bardens     ALR 6:38
Little Rivers and... Latimer Dust and ...   NLG, TPC 1:56
Long Goodbyes Latimer/Hoover Stationary ...   PPV 5:13
Lord of Light Bardens     GT, OR7, GOL 16:11
Lost and Found Latimer/Hoover Rajaz - - 5:37
Lullabye Latimer The Single....     0:55
Lunar Sea Latimer, Bardens Moonmadness TC, ACC, ETR ALR, OR81, COA, COAV 9:08
Manic Latimer/Hoover The Single....   OR82 4:24
Metrognome Latimer, Bardens Rain Dances ACC   4:15
Migration   The Snow....   ALR 2:01
Milk n' Honey Latimer Dust and ...   NLG, COA 3:30
Missing Latimer Stationary ... LA   4:14
Mother Road Latimer Dust and ... ETR NLG, COA, COAV, TPC 4:14
Mystic Queen Bardens Camel     5:35
Needles Latimer Dust and ...   NLG, COA, COAV 2:34
Neon Magic Latimer, Schelhaas... I Can See ...   OR82 4:39
Never Let Go Latimer Camel ETR OR81, OR82, ALR... 6:20
Nimrodel... Latimer Mirage   OR7 9:12
No Easy Answer Latimer The Single....   OR82 2:55
Nude Latimer Nude CH OR81 4:18
One of These Days ... Latimer, Bardens, Ward ... Rain Dances     5:53
Please come home Latimer Nude     1:12
Pomp & Circumstance Latimer Nude     2:03
Preperation   The Snow....   ALR, COA 3:58
Pressure Points Latimer Stationary ...   PP, PPV, TPV 2:06
Rainbows's End Latimer, Bardens Breathless CH   3:01
Rain Dances Latimer, Bardens Rain Dances TC, ACC, LA   3:55
Rajaz Latimer/Hoover Rajaz - - 8:14
Reflections Latimer Nude LA OR81 2:45
Refugee Latimer/Hoover Stationary ... LA, ETR PPV, TPV 3:45
Remote Romance Latimer, Watkins I Can See ... CH   4:01
Rhayader   The Snow.... CH, TC, ACC, ETR ALR, PP, PPV, NLG... 3:01
Rhayader Alone   The Snow....   ALR 1:50
Rhayader Goes to Town   The Snow.... CH, TC, ACC, ETR ALR, PP, PPV, NLG... 5:20
Rose of Sharon Latimer/Hoover Dust and ...   NLG, COA, COAV 4:48
Running from Paradise Latimer Harbour of...   COA, COAV 5:20
Sahara Latimer Rajaz - TPC 6:40
Sanctuary   The Snow.... LA ALR 1:05
Sasquatch Latimer The Single.... TC, ETR OR82, PP, PPV, NLG... 4:40
Selva Latimer The Single....     3:30
Send Home the Slates Latimer/Latimer, Hoover Harbour of...   COA, COAV 4:22
Seperation Latimer Camel     4:54
Sheet Rain Latimer Dust and ...   NLG 2:14
Shout Latimer/Hoover Rajaz - - 5:12
Simple Pleasures Latimer/Hoover A Nod ... - - 5:33
Six Ate Latimer Camel   OR7 5:57
Skylines Latimer, Bardens, Ward Rain Dances LA, ETR ALR 4:24
Slow Yourself Down Ward, Latimer Camel   TPC 4:45
Song Within a Song Latimer, Bardens Moonmadness CH, TC, ACC, ETR ALR, OR81 7:12
Spirit of the Water Bardens Moonmadness TC, LA COA, COAV 2:04
Squigely Fair Latimer A Nod ... - - 8:04
Starlight Ride Latimer, Bardens Breathless     3:26
Stationary Traveller Latimer Stationary ... LA PPV, TPV 5:32
Storm Clouds Latimer Dust and ...   NLG 2:06
Straight To My Heart Latimer Rajaz - - 6:22
Summer Lightning Latimer, Sinclair Breathless     6:10
Supertwister Bardens Mirage CH, TC   3:20
Survival Latimer I Can See ...     1:04
Tell Me Latimer, Bardens Rain Dances ETR   4:06
The Final Encore Latimer Rajaz - - 8:06
The Great Marsh Latimer, Bardens The Snow.... ACC ALR 2:02
The Great Marsh   The Snow.... TC ALR 1:20
The Homecoming Latimer Nude     2:40
The Hour Candle Latimer Harbour of...   COA, COAV 8:05
The Last Farewell Latimer Nude LA OR81 4:05
The Sleeper Latimer, Bardens, Ward... Breathless ETR   7:08
The Snow....   The Snow.... ACC ALR 3:12
Three Wishes Latimer Rajaz - - 6:58
Today's Goodbye Latimer/Hoover The Single....     4:04
Under the Moon Latimer Harbour of...   COA, COAV 1:16
Unevensong Latimer, Bardens, Ward Rain Dances CH, ETR TPV, NLG 5:33
Vopos Latimer/Hoover Stationary ...   PPV, TPV 5:30
Wait Latimer/McBurnie I Can See ...   OR82, PP, PPV, TPV 4:50
Watching the Bobbins Latimer/Hoover Harbour of...   COA, COAV 7:12
West Berlin Latimer/Hoover Stationary ... ETR PP, PPV, TPV 5:06
Whispers Latimer Dust and ...   NLG 0:52
Whispers in the Rain Latimer Dust and ... ETR NLG 2:52
Who We Are Latimer I Can See ...   OR82 7:26
Wing and a Prayer Latimer, Bardens Breathless     4:46
You are the One Latimer The Single.... ETR OR82 5:20
You Make Me Smile Latimer, Bardens Breathless     4:18
Your Love is Stranger... Latimer, Schelhaas, Ward, Bass I Can See ... LA, ETR   3:14

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